BlogNorway will now be implemented as a multiuser company blog.

  1. Background.
    This sitw will be developed step by step into a full multiblog site where invited companies can have their own blog.  The advantages of having your blog here are many.  You don’t need to think of the technical details, even if that is an option.  That means that you can get the control of your blogs themes and plugins or you can choose the default installation that we supply.  Another obvious advantage is that you well be integrated in our blogs network and in our overall mini network:  For further information about the project read this thread that will be constantly updated as the project developes.
  2. Participation.
    Only companies that know the site administrator will be invited.  This site started in may 2011.  In the beginning we will accept a few participating companies.  So if you are interested and you think you qualify, contact the site administrator.
  3. Preferred industries.
    Since our background is economics, finance and information science, those are the preferred industries.  Companies from other industries can of course be invited.  If you think you qualify, contact the site administrator.